8 Healthiest Habits to follow in office for the fittest body

Are you also one of the laziest person around who goes at the office at 9 AM but can’t think of waking up at 6 AM every morning to run miles on a treadmill or ground? If yes then Retard Monkey has bought 8 of the healthiest habits to follow in office which if followed could give some remarkable results for your health. The best thing about these habits? You will not need to go out of the way; you can work the way you like, just with a few tweaks.


These habits are:

1. Water is also called the nectar of life and there is a reason for that: Water helps to normalize the body functions, is a great aid for digestion, and helps in purifying the blood and the body to relieve wastes. Make it a habit of drinking 4 to 6 liters of water every day.

The easiest way for this is to keep a one-litre bottle on your work desk and fill it up every two to three hours.

2. Use Stairs instead of Elevators and escalators. Stairs are a great cardio exercise, which not only keeps your heart in good shape but also helps for the weight loss by burning tons of calories.

3. Minimize the use of sugar in your diet, If possible then eliminate it. Use the healthy alternatives like Honey. The reason behind this is Sugar slows down the insulin effect in your body and your metabolism. Which ultimately leads to weight gain as with the lack of insulin resistance, fats get a free way to make your body gain pounds and kgs.

4. Maintain a straight posture while working. While working, if you are bent backward or forward, it creates problems for your spine, which ultimately leads to cervical pains, or lower back pains. Adjust the height of your computer straight in front of your eyes (90 degrees) rather than keeping it at an angle, which forces your neck to bend. (Use books below your computer/laptop to adjust its height

5. Reduce your caffeine intake in the office. Drinking coffee at work is a trend, which surely suits your stress levels, but caffeine not only interferes with your sleeping patterns but also is not too suitable for your cardiovascular health as it ups your blood pressure levels.

6. Use Green tea instead of Coffee, as green tea not only helps you fight work stress but is also a great aid for your metabolism and digestive system.

7. Keep moving from your seat and never sit still in a single posture for too long hours. Find reasons like Washroom breaks or Green tea breaks, but keep moving every hour. Sitting in a single posture for too long can lead to back pains and weight gain.

8. Purchase a zero number specs from any spectacles shop and wear them while working on the computer as a precautionary method and after every 1 hour of work, move away your eyes from the computer screen (for 2 minutes) and look towards the other way (Not on your phone), If possible then close your eyes for 90 seconds. Resting your eyes is mandatory for a good eyesight and to save you from eye pains and power-sight

Follow these 8 healthy habits at work to keep your body in a healthiest of shapes (Even if you are not able to maintain a gym routine).

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