How to manage a relaxing sleep in any situation

Majority of people in the world will regard sleeping as their favorite way of getting away from every mortal tension they have. But at times, due to unknown reasons to us, sleep doesn’t come for hours and it becomes almost impossible to sleep. Sometimes, there are thousands of things going on in our mind simultaneously while sometimes our mind is focused on just one particular thing.

Today Retard Monkey will discuss ways on how you can attain a magical state of sleep no matter your brain is ready to sleep or not.




Meditation is one of the best ways to relax or calm your mind. If you are unable to sleep, meditating is a good Idea. To meditate, dim lights of your room, sit in the ‘Sadhak’ pose, plug in your earphones/headphones and play any good rated guided meditation on YouTube. Chances are you will start feeling relaxed and sleepy halfway into the meditation.

Some good meditations for sleep are:-




Fix a Pre-bedtime schedule

bed time routine

The human mind is bound in a schedule, is inclined to follow that routine regularly. If you will start following any habit every day before going to sleep, your brain it assumes it’s the sign for it to sleep and it will start getting ready for the sleep. In this schedule, you can start following any hobby you like – like reading few pages of a book, or maybe have a bath, or you can start listening to your favorite country singer every day for 15 minutes.


Make a list of all your tensions/worries

making a list

This is a simple step to get aware of everything which is troubling you at this moment. It could be anything, from a row you had with your boss or your CAR EMI. During this step, you can reassure your mind that it needs not worry about such stupid reasons and you will handle it yourself. Follow this tactic to clear off your brain from all its tensions and make way for a pleasant sleep.


Brain Exercises

brain excersizes

Start doing some major calculations in your mind, or reverse counting. You can also visualize birds flying over your head or visualize yourself horseriding. These small exercises will relax you enough to doze off




Put on some music, be it beach sounds or some nice old instrumental. Music is still one of best ways to relax your mind.


Body Warm Up

body warm up

This could be done to tire yourself up, you can do body warm up by picking your hands and legs up and down or just trying to release all the tension from muscles.


These are some small steps you can start following to make your mind relaxed. A relaxed mind can easily sleep without any hindrance. Do tell us if any of these helps you for a peaceful sleep.

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