12 of best ways to fight with Stress – The Silent Killer


Stress is often called the silent killer as it attacks you both ways – Mentally and physically, Today Retard Monkey will suggest you 12 best ways to fight back with this terrible monster and beat it back

1. Take Time Out

It’s impossible to think clearly when you are flooded with stressful thoughts, the best way is to take time out. Go for a walk nearby (Preferably a Park or somewhere green) for 15-20 minutes or take a coffee break.


2. Start thinking of some old pleasant memories

You can start thinking of your old pleasant memories or joyful moments. Think of how happy you were at the last Christmas family dinner or how you had enjoyed with your friends during a holiday trip. Visualizing your favorite holiday destination would also help.


3. Take few long breaths

Take few long and deep breaths as to calm your inner self. The longer your breath is the calmer your inner self would be. (it’s all science)


4. Talk about it

Sharing your problems with friends and family helps. Talk about the issue or reason behind the stress with your family or closest friends. That would surely help.
Remember; do not talk about your problem with everyone as that could make you vulnerable to mockery.


5. Treat yourself

A big Chocolate Ice-cream Sunday always help. To to the nearest Ice-Cream parlor and order the biggest possible Sunday on the menu. That will surely make you realize how beautiful life is.


6. Go to a movie alone.

You can always go for a movie. Movies distract the mind from the present happenings in the life and a good movie is a good way to change your present mindset


7. Read a good book or re-read your favorite one again

Reading is the best way to fight back with stress. A reader lives a thousand lives and reading will make you wander off from your problem


8. Watch towards Stars

Go to the terrace or a park and see towards the stars. Stars tell us how vast the universe is and how small or tiny our problems are


9. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to relax your body and mind. You can always search for a guided meditation on youtube. Just play any well-rated meditation, sit comfortably, plug in earphones in your ears and start doing what you are told.


10. Don’t target perfection

Understand you are not perfect, no one is. Being average is great and perfection is just an illusion, as what is perfect for someone would be below average for other. Actually, there is nothing called ‘Perfect’

11. Everything is temporary

Know that your problems are temporary; nothing in our world is permanent. We are mortal beings and so are our problems. Time never stops and all your problems will vanish in a few days from now


12. Go for a run

Running or exercising releases the hormones that make us feel better. Running will also distract your mind from your problems and will make you give your 100% in the present moment, which will make you forget your past and stop worrying about the future.


Whenever you feel stressful, involve these steps in your life and see the stress vanishing from your mind and life.

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