Finding happiness is Easy

Previous generation was obsessed with money while our generation is obsessed with Happiness. Though happiness has been severely misunderstood. What people don’t understand is – Happiness can’t be found in the outside world, its hidden inside them. Real Joy cant be found in long sedans or huge houses, its hidden in smallest of pleasures from kite flying to walk in a park. Even if you can afford costliest of coffees, its taste & fragrance can never match a roadside chai’s aroma.

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You can never find happiness in corporate meetings held inside Centralized air conditioned board rooms of 40 story buildings, its hidden in moments of playing cards or Ludo with friends no matter how uncomfortably you are sitting. You need to understand that you can’t treat happiness as if its costly like Gold, its available for free to you if you’ll stop searching for it and start enjoying tiny joys of life. Happiness can’t be collected or deferred, its in this very moment and can be felt exactly Right Now.

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Trick is to start laughing on silly Jokes, start giving rest to your smartphone & social media for few hours everyday, getting fully involved in whatever work you are doing whether you’re eating most distasteful vegetable ever or you are busy making a super boring PowerPoint Presentation.
PS – You can’t find happiness, but happiness can surely find you if you will allow it to.

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