41 moving Images that shook the whole world

41 most powerful moving images that shook the whole world, Some of them can bring tears in your eyes.


  1. A Jewish little girl draws her Home in a Nazi Concentration Camp.


2. A Hungry man eats on a railway track in India.

3. Soviet soldiers standing horrified near a pile of ashes in Majdanek concentration Camp in 1944.

4. A priest holding a soldier shot by a sniper.

5. A Japnese couple getting married in gas masks due to a volcanic eruption nearby.

6. A Giraffe and Polar bear in a Zoo. [Scary]

7. Franz Ferdinand on the day of his assassination. A murder which triggered World War 1.

8. A north Korean brother bidding farewell to his South Korean brother

9. Famous as the ‘Tank Man’. The Chinese man who stood in front of Chinese tanks in 1989 is the symbol of resistance worldwide

10. A dog refuses to stand up from the grave of his owner. The owner of this dog had died in the Rio de Janiero 2011 disastrous landslide.

11. Pele and English captain Moore exchange their jerseys in 1970 world cup as a sign against racism.

12. Christians create a human chain around Muslims to let them pray amidst the chaos of Egypt in 2011.

13. A father and his son standing at the spot of their house which got destroyed in 2011 tornado in Concord, Alabama

14. A Sudanese soldier stands on the occasion of South Sudan Independence.

15. Jewish prisoners celebrating their release from death train in 1945.

16. Robert Peraza where the name of his son is written on 9/11 memorial.

17. A mother who was posted in Iraq meeting her daughter after 7 months.

18. A Son bidding farewell to his father going for World War 2

19. A 4-month-old girl miraculously survives even after 4 days of Japanese Tsunami.

20. A Chinese Buddhist monk prays for a man who died during waiting for his train in China.

21. A Romanian child gives a heart-shaped balloon to riot police during protests in Bucharest, Romania.

22. 2 American athletes do the Black Power salute during 1968 Olympics games.

23. A French man cries as Hitler’s Nazi Army occupies Paris2 in World War 2.

24. A firefighter giving water to a koala during the Black Saturday fires in Victoria, Australia.

25. 2 journalists in California after they were released from 12 years of hard prison in North Korea.

26. John F. Kennedy Jr. salutes the coffin of his father as its being taken for burial.

27. Astronaut William Anders clicks a picture of earth during Apollo 8 mission in 1968.

28. A Women sits amidst destruction after a Japanese earthquake

29. A Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano in Chechnya in 1994

30. A Buddhist monk self-immobilizes himself to protest against Chinese Army invasion of Tibet.

31. A Somalian Father carrying his dead kid who died because of hunger.

31. An Iraqi Prisonor of War taking care of hs son.

32. The first Black Person to get admission in a USA School, she was not able to handle the humiliation after 4 days.

33. Permanent shadow of a person after Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombing.

34. Soldiers are given Flowers during a protest in East Europe.

35. A Man saves kittens during a flood in Mumbai, India

36. A Man cried after his hope is destructed.

37. A journalist holds the hand of a malnutritioned Somalian Kid.

38. A Man offer Tea to an American soldier in Afganistan

39. A Russian Soldier prays to God before a battle.

40. Tombs of a Catholic Women and her protestant Husband.

41. Homeless people waiting for their turn for food in Delhi, India.

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